Educate Your Customers for Greater Business Success

Educate Your Customers for Greater Business Success Educate them about what, you may be thinking. Well, consider this, many businesses focus solely on attracting new customers, but you NEED to spend a good chunk of your time retaining current and former customers. These are people you already know to be a good sales potential…they’ve already…


Million Dollar Business Growth Seminars

Million Dollar Business Growth Seminars If you want to learn how to Out-Network, Out-Market, Out-Sell and Learn more than your competition how to building a million dollar businesses join the Business Conclave Chapter quarterly networking and training seminar.  This awesome seminar is designed to help small businesses learn strategies, tactics and tools to produce competition crushing…


Ibiza Rocks

Am I the only one who needs more sleep?  Experts suggest that getting less than 6 hours of sleep per night is detrimental to your health…Tell that to my new baby!   Since I haven’t mastered being fully functional with less than 4 hours of regular sleep just yet, I have become a true fan…


Man being pickpocketed

Safe Traveling while on your honeymoon

Safe Traveling while on your honeymoon: Ways to Avoid Scams On Your Honeymoon or Overseas Countries Take your wallet out of you back pocket!! Don’t let a scam artist or thief derail your upcoming honeymoon abroad. After learning these key travel tips and insights, you’ll know exactly how to handle a wide array of tricky…


Save Money Before Flying & Safety

Save before your vacation starts! Book parking reservations before you leave and receive a discount and the security of knowing you have guaranteed airport parking at a great rate. Park, then Fly Want to have the luxury of being dropped off right at your departure terminal? Make a reservation before you leave to receive a…


Fruit Basket

Traveling with Snacks

Unless you’re traveling internationally, most airlines will charge you for food—and the options won’t necessarily be all that appealing. Not that long ago I was flying from St. Louis and was shocked to discover that no meal was offered on such a long flight. To make matters worse, the flight attendants mistaken the lady and…


Largest Lake in the World

The World Largest Swimming Pool

The most emblematic building work at San Alfonso Del Mar Resort – Algarrobo Chile holds the current Guinness record as the world’s largest crystalline water pool. The private beaches of each building have their own docks and truly recreate a tropical environment. Owners thus enjoy a top-level holiday, even better in cloudy or colder days, because…