Your FAMILY REUNION will be stress free when the meetings team at Personalized Services International, LLC and its Affiliates as your partner. From site selection to travel booking will handle it all for you. A designated project manager will work with you on all the details and oversee the onsite logistics to assure a smooth operation. Among the services you can rely upon are:

  1. Site selection
  2. Contract Negotiation for Hotels and Program Vendors
  3. Registration management, including website development and maintenance
  4. Attendee Collateral and Giveaways
  5. Airline and Ground Transportation Management
  6. On-site Logistics
  7. Audio Visual Coordination
  8. Catering and Menu Selection (on-site at the hotel or in a local restaurant)
  9. Tours and Offsite Event Coordination
  10. On-site Staffing (additional cost)
  11. Account Reconciliation
  12. Virtual Meetings, Teleconference with planner, Webcast
  13. Association Affiliate Travel Booking Website

We can plan the following:

  1. Family Reunions
  2. Class Reunions
  3. Social Groups Travel
  4. Association Conferences Planning & Management
  5. Destination Meeting Planning
  6. Destination Weddings
  7. Group Cruises
  8. Family Vacations
  9. Religious Travel

          and much more.

Family Reunion Planning

Our recommendation to get you started in the planning process.

The Starting Point

A successful family reunion starts with good organizing and planning. In order to have this, the coordinator has to first be organized. Like any event there are usually a coordinator and volunteers who meets once a month to discuss the process and breakdown each area of responsibility. The volunteers should be a mix of ages starting with teens, middle aged and seniors to have a well rounded pool of suggestions and idea’s to choose from.

Setting the Stage

Who’s on first? What’s on second? Heard those famous sayings before? In the early stage of your family reunion planning, an outline should be written out in order of importance, and then broken down one more step into sub-topics for discussion. Try to cover as many area’s that is related to your family reunion as possible. Once all area’s are covered the committee should choose to divide each area of responsibility evenly. Have volunteers pull numbers to be fair about who’s handling what area’s that needs to be covered.

At this first meeting you should also put together a list of family names and email addresses/physical addresses if no email, possible suggestions of dates and locations where the reunion should be held. Make sure to set a time and date for the second meeting and before the meeting is adjourned, everyone should go home and think of and research family names and addresses and add them to your list. Bring your list to the next meeting.

Spreading the Word

This is where hopefully we gathered a lot of names and e-mail addresses/physical addresses. Prepare a survey to email or mail to family members letting them know that a family reunion is in the planning stages and their input would be important and valuable for the success of this event. Include the date and time of the reunion, the theme name if decided on and any questions that you think you need more people’s input and ask for volunteers to help out in whatever area’s that you need more coverage. Put a timeline of return for your surveys so that you could get it back for discussion at your next meeting.

Family Reunion Activities

This could be a variety of activities whether it’s indoors, outdoors or both. This is the reason that the suggestion of committee members is of various ages. There are all different activities of participation from pre-teens, teens, young adults, middle aged and seniors. So for maximum participation choose your activities for each group. Make it challenging!

The most Important

Besides the menu, the budget is the most important item on the list for discussion. This will be a big responsibility in itself. The person who keeps records on the budget will need to have a report ready of every transaction that occurred, the balance of the account and the registered copied to hand out at the meetings.

Everything Else

This is where all the rest of the creative ideas are laid on the table. All these suggestions are open for discussion. Food and beverage menu, indoor and outdoor games, family t-shirts, entertainment whether it’s karaoke or a rock group, memorabilia, family video’s, each family has a story, videographer, photographer, dance competition, singing competition, poster of the event etc… Committee members can expand and brainstorm for more suggestions and ask for help by any talented and creative relative who has the ability to lend a hand at any of these areas. All of these suggestions are open for discussion and final decision can be made at your meeting.

Putting It All Together

It’s that time where the committee put’s everything together. Date and time of the reunion, theme or the person you’re honoring for this event, the menu has been chosen, activities and games has been decided on, family t-shirts, entertainment, videographer and photographer has been selected, memorabilia, karaoke machine still deciding and dance and singing competition forms are being created. Once everything is finalized invitations can be created and emailed/mailed to all family members. Congratulations on a well planned out Family Reunion.

Your family reunion is not different from an event planning coordination that we can do with ease. If you are searching for a family cruise we can book them on all the major cruise liners. Your travel and hotels arrangements can all be booked by our travel agency division.

We can create your family a webpage on our group travel website that will allow you to better communicate with your family the details of the planning process: This will allow you to take all the worries out of communicating with everyone in your family.

We require full payment on all Contract Negotiated for Hotels and Program Vendors at the signing of each contract. This is not waiverable for any organization.