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When you become a Personalized Services International Travel Agency, Home Based Travel Agent you become partners with Personalized Services International, LLC .  This affiliation allows you to take advantage of all the personalized services and small business coaching we offer to our clients.  We give our affiliates all the tools needed to earn unlimited amounts of money!  

You Get All The Tools You Need To Be Successful, when you join up as a HOME BASED TRAVEL AGENT!!

Our Agents gain more training designed to grow your business successful and give you access to world-class small business coaching that other companies do not offer to its agents.  We provided ongoing training webinars from Apple Vacation, Sandals, GoGo Travel, Pleasant Holiday and many more travel providers.  At Personalized Services International Travel Agency we give you all the tools to become successful at growing your company.

We give you all the reasons to become a home-based agent with our company! Our training is on-going with: Webinars, Blogs, Small Business Marketing E-Learning, Training Website’s, DVD’s,  and Business Coaching Seminars and many, if not all, cruise line providers offer seminar at sea that you can take advantage of throughout the year.

a. We offer a free “Ask the Coach” weekly teleconference design to ensure you get all your questions answering and keep you on the path to growing your home-based company into a million dollar business.

b. Our seminars are design to teach you how to network your business to success.

c. Our E-Learning & Coaching Program will have your home-based business receiving all the leads you can handle

d. We offer two Building Success Marketing and our small business startup training that will training you on how to get more leads to keep you booking travel and make your business successful.

Our Small Business Startup Academy give you the Gold Star path to success:

We offer our agent discounts on our premier weekly group coaching to keep you on the path to success.

ThisBuilding Success Marketing, we feel, is key to your ongoing success as a home-based business owner.

Tool-BoxWe give you all the tools in the “Tool Box” to make you successful

Option 1:  You can select the option of having a private labeled website that is branded in your company name. This allows you to build credibility online and drive travel to your website and make money in your sleep.

Your Private Labeled Travel Booking website will allow your customers to book Airlines, Cars, Cruises, Hotels and Vacation Packages and  Travel Deals. Your website is loaded with all the travel deals and special from all the airlines, cruise lines and discount vacation providers.  Your customers can book travel from your private labeled website 24/7 and you make money while you sleep. Additionally, we teach you how to get your travel website on the front page of Google be using our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques taught in our E-learning Small Business Academy.

Option 2: You can select not to have an Private Labeled Website and become an Independent Booking Agent and still make money from home.

Our Small Business Marketing Academy will teach you have to become a marketing expert and teach you have to book more vacation for Cruises, Hawaii Vacation, Mexico Vacation to Cancun..and the Rivieria Maya, Caribbean – Jamica & Dominican Republic, Alaskan Cruises, European Vacations to Paris & London, South Pacific, Honeymoon vacation in the U. S. Virgin Islands, All Inclusive Resorts, South America and more! When you become a home-based agent or independent booking agent with Personalized Services International Travel Agency, and we’ll will provide you with all the strategics, tactics and tools to ensure your business success.

We have partnered with other companies to bring you tools to make your business successful.  Our partnership with amoCRM will allow you to receive a 10% discount on a Lead Management Tools that your increase your productive and manage your lead from promote locations while you are on vacation.

Small businesses today are forced into using big name CRM systems that are absurdly expensive and have features that small businesses simply don’t use.  amoCRM is the small business solution to expensive big name CRM systems.  Fully cloud based, amoCRM is a quick, easy to use CRM system that focuses on lead management for small businesses.

When you become a home-based travel agent earn 50% on all commissions earned.

Our home-based travel agents have access to our exclusive vacation packages and cruise deals. This allows you to sell vacation packages and cruises for less to your friends, co-workers, and clients, yet still make sizable commissions for yourself. You can access our agent only website for the newest travel specials and book them online 24/7.

Our weekly conference calls are help on Thursday’s at 5:00pm CST. These calls will allow you to ask all the question you need to keep you on the track to building a million dollar business. Conference call fail-in number and instructions will be given to you when you sign up for your new business. Another great benefit you want currently find anywhere else!
We provide you the personal training and mentorship needed to help you become successful as a independent affiliate travel agent and we are just a telephone call away if you need help: 1-866-774-4077. Additionally, we will set you up with you own 1-800 number so you will be an extension away or e-mail connected to help.

Other host agency’s charge up to $5,000 to join them. There is a highly discounted $500.00 start up cost with our Host agency. (We understand what it’s like to want to work for yourself, but not have the start up capital to do so).  As a member of Personalized Services International Travel Agency Home Base Agency Network, you can Earn Lots of Extra Income – working Full-Time or Part-Time and you do not pay any monthly membership fees and you enjoy Fantastic Travel Benefits and an independent lifestyle working right out of your home office. The only fee you pay after this is your annual $300 membership.

Start Your Travel Agent Business: Join Today!

 You Can Earn Great Commissions & Grow Your Business Many Ways

HOME BASED TRAVEL AGENT PROGRAM – Make more money owning their home based travel business than any other business and it is fun booking your own vacation and seeing others travel.

1. Save money by booking your own vacation:  If you travel at least twice per year you can save money by booking your own vacation and make a commission.  We can teach you how to search for the best deals!

2. Your new business is not franchised so you do not pay monthly fees, pay for advertisement at the corporate level, and you start your new business up at a reasonable cost.

3. Book Groups and earn a larger commission and make more money.

4. Consider specializing in a niche market to separate your business from all the other travel business local to your area or online.

5. Book charity groups, social groups and setup fundraising with travel for your local religious organizations. These type niche markets you can have them add $25, $50, $75 or $100 to their groups to help them raise money for a wealthy cause and you grow your travel business that much faster! We got your back and we will be there every to help you continue to build a better business and continue to grow it to all time success.

6. Establish a referral program for your current clients to incentivize them to refer more clients to your agency.

7. Consider joining a local networking group to advertise your business: Business Success Network International or your local Chamber.

8. Set up a school travel program for all of your local schools in our city.

The options, opportunities and resources to grow your new business is only limited by your imagination and your drive to be successful!

It is your decision to make if you want to grow your business fast or at your own pace.  We want pressure to into production quotas that will take you totally away from the more important things in life; Family and taking a vacation!  You can select to work full-time or part-time as a travel agent from home.  It is your choice and your time!

Secure your family’s financial future!

There is no time like the present to start your business

Successful people take actions daily, they make quick decisions and make the best use of their time.  Let us give your life and bank account a jumpstart into the future and build you a successful financial future.

Your startup investment is only $500 will get you on the right path to securing your future and your family will have fun traveling to the same destinations you will send your clients.  The tools and resources we offer can teach you how to create competition crushing ads, newsletters, TV and Radio ad campaigns to get your business up and running successful in a short period of time. We can keep money in your bank. Our Home Based Travel Agent Program is set so low because we want want you to succeed in your business and we DO NOT charge you a monthly fee for your new business.  However, our support services do come at huge discounted cost!

Let us help you put more money in your BANK account than you ever Dreamed!

Make Money while on vacation:

While you are relaxing on the beach with your family you could be making money! The strategies, Statics and Tools we give you in our small business coaching program will get you all the leads you need to book your own vacation for free!  Please note a home-based agent or agency is a business and you need to operate it as such.  We can teach you how to start your business up the right way with minimal investment. Our Home Based Travel Agent Program is unmatched and the discounts you receive to grow your new business is awesome. We know from first hand experience how to grow a success home based business because we started the same way.

We help you make money while on vacation with your Travel Booking Website branded to your company!

Learn how to create memorable vacations for your clients & book travel while on vacation.  Book travel in your spare time, afterwork and/or full-time. You can do this in your living-room, kitchen table or home office.

We are NOT, a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) or Network Marketing Company! 

We started a MLM company and worked hard to build another company large sums of money. We do not want you to fall into that same game. SO, we will work hard to make sure you become successful owning your business and helping you build success fast. Our Home Based Travel Agent Program is the only program that offers our partners an affordable business growth and marketing that cost less than 2 cups of coffee!

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