Data Mining & Collection to Intelligence

Building Success Network International and our Small Business Coaching & Marketing Academy provides management consulting services for market assessment and strategy development. Our process provides a thorough understanding of market dynamics, opportunities and challenges derived from research and first-hand, customer validation allowing accurate qualification and quantification of markets and market segments to facilitate effective prioritization and funding decisions. Our online marketing assessment done via our Small Business Coaching & Marketing Academies: and helps us place small businesses on the path to growing MILLION DOLLAR businesses.

Business Solutions Components
    1. Marketing Assessment & Modeling
    2. Product/Solution Strategy
    3. Pricing Strategy
    4. Corporate Communications Strategy
    5. Enterprise Performance/Capability Assessment
    6. Marketing & Assessment Roadmap to increase sales
    7. Leadership and Management Training to increase company effective management of human resources
Value Delivered: Increased Clients, Sales & Revenue
    1. Confirmation of market needs (development to solve real problems). Thereafter provide our clients with quality marketing strategies and resources done via our Small Business Coaching, Marketing & Sales Academies
    2. Marketing Solutions, Tactics & Strategies to help our clients grow their businesses quickly
    3. Implement Process Improvement into every part of the business and identify barriers to successful growth
    4. Better utilization of Marketing Equation in all marketing materials to increase a company’s bottom-line: Effective Marketing Strategies = Higher ROI
    5. Better trained supervisors, managers and executive