Fundraising is a great way to make your trip more affordable. Not only does it teach innovation, organization, and cooperation, it also places more value on the experience as it gives students a sense of pride for financially contributing to their trip. We allow your school to place an additional markup on the fundraising travel to increase your profits to raising money for school computers and supplies.
Educational Travel

Our educational tour itineraries go beyond just seeing the sights. Through professionally guided tours and insight into each destination, Personalized Services International Educational  Tours invites parents, teachers and your students to become actively engaged in the local culture around the world. Whether your students discover why Paris is called the City of Light from atop the Eiffel Tower, experience Roman history among the ruins of Pompeii or learn to dance the flamenco in Spain, immerse your students in any of the South American Countries to learn a second language in real time (Live and In Color); we connect you and your students with the world in a whole new way.

For 35 years, Personalized Services International Travel Agency with its travel provider partners has been telling the stories behind the world’s most extraordinary destinations. Now, we’re bringing this experience to life for student groups through Student Discovery trips around the world, an alternative to traditional educational travel. Our vacations are 100% influenced by educators and can be easily tailored to any classroom curriculum. By enhancing standard curricula, these packages provide in-depth topic explorations and bring to life educational moments in a profound way.  We do it all with a special service touch and at a very competitive price.

Student Discoveries

Earn up to $1000 non-profit donation for your school!
To qualify, minimum group of 20 travelers is required.  Groups under 26 travelers will receive $500, groups of 26 or more travelers receive $1,000.  Bonus will be paid to non-profit organizations only and will be paid following travel.

Travel Referral Donation Program

When you school sign up for you FREE school travel donation program Personalized Services International, LLC will donate an additional 25% of what we make off booking your faculty, teacher, students and friends travel. This allows your school to received donations all year around. You know you love to travel, so why not travel with our company and help your school fundraising doing what you already are going to do all throughout the year.  DID WE  SAY THIS IS A FREE PROGRAM!


Experience is a great teacher. It takes standing in the middle of the Colosseum to truly appreciate the significance of Roman times. You need to be able to run your hand across the names engraved on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington DC to comprehend the loss. Travel has the power to open young minds, unlock possibilities, and unveil understanding where the classroom just can’t. On Student Discoveries travel programs, students pay attention, ask more questions, and actually learn more. From the sub-culture of New York City’s Chinatown to Italy’s world-changing architecture, students’ minds opens further when they’re filled with the sights and sounds of important places around the world. And what they learn on the streets of Boston or in Tower of London won’t just be filed away for a pop quiz, but for something much more important—life itself.

Why Choose Student Travel?

Personalized Services International Travel Agency is the only company that has partner with many travel providers to enhance your school travel experience and provide a school & referral donation program.. Thanks to over 35 years of travel experience, tremendous attention to detail, and ongoing refinement of our itineraries and procedures, we can deliver the trip of a lifetime—every time.

Your group will enjoy the same high-quality tour that the our company and travel partners are famous for, but with the added benefit of an itinerary being uniquely designed for the specific needs of your group. When you request a custom itinerary, your custom tour consultant will contact you to discuss the trip in more detail. We go above and beyond to ensure that the pace of the tour is right and that all “must-see” attractions are included.

We have provided thousands of students with many types of travel experiences, each one customized to the student group’s unique needs.

Personalized Services International Travel Agency and our travel provider partners has the experience and reputation parents can trust. Parents and educators alike can rest assured that students are traveling with a reputable company that will not only provide the best educational travel experience, but are also committed to the safety of the students.
We work with several travel providers that operations over 75 worldwide tour offices around the world to assist travelers, so you can rest assured that your student groups will always have access to our outstanding customer service.
Your student groups will have peace of mind with our tour providers’ $10 million consumer protection plan while traveling domestically or abroad.

Thanks to the our company and our tour providers tremendous buying power, you get unmatched value when it comes to hotels, excursions, and even your group’s air price. Teachers will not get the same value with booking student tours with other companies or by booking these tour if they made all the arrangement on their own. DIDWE MENTION OUR COMPANY’s DONATION PROGRAM IS FREE! We are the only company that will donation a portion of what we make back to the school.  It is our mission to help the educational institutions that travel with our company or refer clients to our company.