Travel Affiliate Association Private Label Website and Donation Programs

Personalized Services International, LLC and Personalized Services International Travel Consultant Agency Division is excited about our Travel Affiliate Association Programs for Non-Profit Organizations and Social Groups.
For years, Personalized Services International Travel Consultant Agency has marketed the Groups On Vacations (GOV), Non-Profit Fundraising While On Vacation (NPFOV), and Affiliation Association On Vacations (AAOV) Program(s) to large organizations. We added our Religious Organization Donation (ROD) Program to our Affiliate Program on January 1, 2012 and as a Christian company, we are excited to continue help many organizations meet their fundraising goals.

Discover for yourself just how EASY and SIMPLE

Personalized Services International Travel Consultant Agency’s Affiliate Programs are complete turnkey Vacation Travel Programs that allows your organization to direct travelers to your organizational travel website and receive donations and payments from travel booked on your website.  These payments are made after these travelers have returned from their outstanding vacations to locations around the world.

We provide you with the following

  1. A customized website that will track bookings through a unique website tracking ID.   Your administrative costs for your website average $1,200/yearly (Includes set up and maintenance fees) and we manage the website for you.  This site can carry your logo and name for the website
  2. The program is backed by Personalized Services International, LLC.  We guarantee superior customer service both online and by phone
  3. We understand the sensitivity surrounding privacy issues. You can rest assured that your organization’s and customers’ privacy will be protected on your website. We do not sell our customer lists to any other company.
  4. We donate 25% of the commissions paid out via the website to your non-profit organization, and you make money without any additional cost to you. These donations are paid out on average 30-90 days after customers have traveled.
  5. If you elect not to pay any of the start-up fees for your Social Group’s Travel or Not-For-Proft Organization your max commission is 10%. We have several financing options and grant programs.  Grant programs are approved by our Marketing Manager/Team.  You can send your request for consideration letter to: Please state why your grant should be approved in a one page letter on your official letterhead.
Benefits to Your Travelers & Staff
  • Affiliated with our travel companies and travel, our buying power enables you to offer deals, discounts and specials on most types of travel designed to fit any vacation budget from economy to luxury.
  • A personal travel counselor at Personalized Services International Travel, LLC.   This consultant will provide personal, experienced,full service consultation available via phone, fax, or email to provide the type of personal quality of service that members/employees expect and deserve. We are NOT an impersonal call center that you get at the large travel companies. We establish a relationship with you. 
We are not an order taker. We are capable of providing advice and recommendations based on your client’s needs if they can not find a great vacation on your private labeled website. Whether your clients book online or offline, we are completely dedicated and ready to build special relationships with, and exceed the expectations of your travelers.
  • Exclusive discounts – As but one example, our program allows members to take an immediate 5% discount at the point of sale for any online booking from a major Hawaii and Mexico supplier (this is already on your website – Pleasant Holidays). This is not one of those typical “Internet bait and switch” deals.  It’s legit.  Just complete the mail-in voucher rebate form, and receive your rebate up to six months later. Through a special arrangement with one of the leading Tour Operators in the industry, Personalized Services International Travel Consultant Agency is pleased to be able to present this one-of-a-kind Internet discount to our most loyal customers and Affiliated partners.
  • Visa and passport services
  • Free flight insurance – up to $100,000
  • VIP traveler profiles
  • Access to Worldwide Platinum 24-hour customer service program (cost item to you)
    Members will have access to a live person and voice 24/7/365 with Personalized Services International Travel Agency’s Worldwide Platinum 24-hour Service
  • Quality controlled, error free reservations
  • Special honeymoon and romantic travel specialists
Benefits To The Organization

Marketing support (eg. flyers, paycheck stuffers, lobby poster, promotional inserts or whatever you wish to offer them)

These programs are truly the only completely inclusive and turnkey travel programs supporting Non-profit Organizations and is the FIRST OF ITS KIND

  • Step One is to complete our application for your account, and pay the website startup fee of $1,200.00, however, we do have grants and sometimes discount a portion of the startup costs as a donation. Once that’s done, you can relax because we will support you through the rest.   As you work, we will be your Point-of-contact so we can coordination the launch of your website. Submit your application/request for enrollment on your official letterhead and submit your 501(C)(3 ) Certification. We cannot donate any monies to your organization until we receive these documents.  If you are an Association or Club we are required by Law to issue you a 1099 form if you do not have the proper non-profit certification. Therefore, we need your organization’s leader to submit a IRS W-9 Form.
  • Step two is to provide us with your website logo for your Private labeled website, or we can contract this out for you at cost.
  • Step three, you will receive an e-mail notification when your website is live.
  • Step four, you receive a donation, normally 30-90 days after any travelers return from their vacation.

We can teach one of your representatives how to market your website using our Business Coaching & Marketing Online Business School E-learning Program :Building Success Marketing or via our Business Start-up Business Coaching & Marketing Website: These websites are designed to help any organization grow and market their private labeled website, business or organization.
Your Private Labeled website can be used to book your events, hold annual meetings and conferences (eg. giveaways, onsite support promoting this program, etc.)

  1. Group travel and fundraisers
  2. Help them pick a specific package or cruise to promote a group. With at least 20 paid passengers, one person can travel free or your Organization can earn additional income. It’s that simple. If the group is large enough, thousands of dollars will be donated back to your organization by Personalized Services International, LLC the parent company of Personalized Services International Travel Consultant Agency!
  3. We are always just a telephone call away if you need assistance booking groups of 20 or more travelers: 1-866-774-4077

Why Would An Organization Want To Participate?

  • Research shows that a Travel Program is the #1 Benefit sought by members of an organization.
  • This type of benefit can help you achieve your annual business and fundraising objectives
  • Build loyalty
  • Attract new members and donations

The monthly maintenance fee is $29.99 and can be deducted from your monthly commission payments. This will allow you to not have any out-of-pocket expenses.

If we donate your travel website to your organization, you do not need to purchase a domain. If you are an Association you can purchase your website domain at  We can set this up for you if you desire with any additional fees, however, your credit card will be used to purchase your domain name.  GET ONLINE WEB HOSTING has an easy way to forward your purchase domain to your Association or Organizational Travel Website.  Contact us for more details, or purchase directly from their website link above.

The way we’ve packaged our programs is stronger and more complete than other typical Association programs.  For additional information, please contact us at the following address:

Personalized Services International, LLC
ATTN: Travel Affiliate Association Program
117 East State Street, Suite B
O’Fallon, IL 62269
TF: 1-866-774-4077
Fax: 1-877-774-5177
Local:  (618) 589-9330



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  • (If you do not own a business or part of an organization skip to Personal Information Section)
  • Enter your Federal Employer Identification Number(FEIN). If you are signing your current business up as an Agent Affiliate or if income earned is going to be deposited into a business account. Otherwise, enter your SSN.

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  • Social Security Number is required for Federal Income Tax Reporting

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