Just as a doctor, dentist, teacher or other professional can assist with special needs, a travel agent is a professional who can research and deliver the best value saving the traveler time and money. The travel agent will take care of the details : air, hotel, rental car, tour or cruise reservations, payment schedules and travel documents coordinating arrangements and giving you a worry-free vacation.


Best of all the cost, if any, is minimal.

Here are 10 reasons to retain a professional travel agent for leisure travel:


1. Because it is leisure travel. Vacation planning should be relaxed, hassle-free, safe and secure.


2. Travel agents do the work. They research and deliver the best value for the traveler and are aware of the best deals.


3. Travel agents take care of details: air, hotel, rental car, tour or cruise reservations, payment schedules and travel documents are all taken care of.


4. Travel agents have knowledge to ensure that they match the right vacation for their client’s interests.


5. Travel agents help to avoid costly mistakes.


6. Travel agents make special arrangements so that a family or romantic vacation is a memorable experience.


7. Travel agents provide personal customer service and care for one of the most important purchases you can make.


8. Travel agents can educate and advise their clients on vacation choices to make sure that you are in the know.


9. Using a travel agent will save you time and money — and the cost, if any, is minimal.


10 Recreation is important to your physical and mental health. The professional travel agent is as important as your doctor, dentist, or psychiatrist.


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