Safe Traveling while on your honeymoon: Ways to Avoid Scams On Your Honeymoon or Overseas Countries

pickpocket001.jpgTake your wallet out of you back pocket!!

Don’t let a scam artist or thief derail your upcoming honeymoon abroad. After learning these key travel tips and insights, you’ll know exactly how to handle a wide array of tricky situations and keep your dream trip on the right track.

Know the local currency and exchange rates. By having a solid understanding of local bills and coins, you can prevent money-changing scams like the slow count. When exchanges are being made, be sure to pay attention so you know you’re receiving the correct change. Be patient. Don’t get shortchanged. Use the money exchange services in the local bank or at the airport.  However, changing my at the airport normally cost more, but is safe.

Don’t let taxi drivers overcharge. Before getting into the cab, agree on a flat fee or confirm the posted rates. And as stated above, knowledge of the local currency will ensure you’re never getting ripped off. If you decide to travel to Las Vegas take the local or hotel shuttle to your lodging.  Local taxis in Las Vegas will drive you all around the city or the “Long Way” to your hotel so they can increase your toll. It happened to me during my first trip to the “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas”.

Don’t get fooled by young thieves or beggars. Never fall for any sob stories from “innocent” kids or teens on the streets. These little professionals have been trained by the best. Also, in most 3rd world countries children are used for all types of illegal purposes, so do not get involved or fall victim.

Carry a money belt under your clothes. Fanny packs, purses, and backpacks are all easy targets, especially when you’re distracted or in a large crowd. With a money belt out of vision, you’ll instantly remove yourself as a potential victim. Better yet do not carry a money belt while on vacation. It is safer to place the money you are going to use for the day in your front pocket. Stay on budget can help you have a wonderful and enjoyable honeymoon or vacation.

Get to know the local law enforcement. Learn and familiarize yourself with the official uniforms to prevent any scams from con artists posing as police officials. Of course, know where the  local U. S. Embassy or Consulate.

Don’t fall for “the diversion.” This is very common in crowded areas and has many different variations. Pickpocket schemes include beggars in your face, a fight, spilling sauce on your shirt, handing a baby into your arms, or dropping a bag or object directly in front of your feet.

The idea here is that by distracting you, thieves can swoop in and snag your backpack or wallet. Be alert and be prepared, especially when navigating through crowds. Believe that any diversion is a pickpocket attempt.

Keep all receipts. Whether it’s a receipt from dinner or your car rental, keep all slips until you’ve had a chance to review your following month’s credit card statement.

Use common sense. On most occasions, if something seems too good to be true, it is.


1. Travel with a partner, companion, or in a group.

2. Do your best to blend in with the locals regardless of the country you are visiting.

3. Make a copy of your passport and carry it with you at all times. Place your original passport in your room safe.

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