Save before your vacation starts! Book parking reservations before you leave and receive a discount and the security of knowing you have guaranteed airport parking at a great rate.

Park, then Fly

Want to have the luxury of being dropped off right at your departure terminal? Make a reservation before you leave to receive a discount and guarantee reserved airport parking. Park your car and be shuttled directly to the airport. Shuttles pick you up when you return and drop you off at your car and also offer luggage assistance. It is the easiest way to park your car at the airport. Be at ease knowing that you are receiving the convenience of guaranteed airport parking for a great discount.

Cities that Offers this services:  Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Buffalo, Chicago O’Hare, Cleveland, Columbus, OH, Dallas Fort Worth, Denver, Houston, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Memphis, Minneapolis, Nashville, New York, Newark, Oakland, Oklahoma City, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, San Diego, San Francisco, St. Louis, Mo are just some of the major cities that offers this money saving service.

Additionally, pack your car claim ticket in your wallet or in a carry-on bag so you want loose your ticket. A very good tip what be to write the location of your car on the back of the ticket so you want forget where your car is parked. Before this light bulb idea came to my mind I use to forget where I left my car location in the airport.  Now that almost everyone is carrying a smart phone you can create a note or sticky pad note title car location, so does not matter how or what you do to make sure you can locate your car. The most important things we suggest is to save money when traveling.

Park, Sleep then Fly

If you have an early morning departure, stay at an airport hotel that offers a Park, Sleep then Fly package. Receive a discount when you book ahead and get up to 10 days free parking! A good night’s sleep at a hotel located close to the airport can alleviate the fear of missing your flight due to heavy traffic, bad weather or airport security measures. Airport shuttles will drive you to your terminal before your departure and pick you up when you return.

Sleep then Fly when Traveling International

Another useful option is to stay at the airport the day before your end your vacation.  I used this options when I took a vacation to Disney in Paris France.  I planned my vacation to leave one day early to ensure that I did not miss my flight out of Charles de Gaulle Airport because on a separate vacation to Paris I missed my flight and had to pay additional cost for flights and transportation. Also, it is a good safety tip as well. SInce 911, more security has been established at all the airports around the world, therefore, once you arrive at the airport you can assure that you will be safer from the local population when traveling around the world. However, international and domestic travelers would ALWAYS stay aware of their surroundings as they travel.

Also, check out the “Travel. State.Gov” guidance by clicking on the words below:

A Safe Trip Abroad

Our last advice is to book your next vacation with Personalized Services International Travel Agency &  If you can’t find a great deal on our website feel free to call us: 1-866-774-4077. We specialized in booking travel around the world and domestic.